Consistently Inconsistent

Fishing has continued to be tough for me this summer. The last couple weeks are what I would describe as consistently inconsistent. One day I will be lucky to catch two small fish and the next day the bite will be on fire. I have kept plugging away at it though. As I always say, the best thing you can do is keep your baits on good structure and keep moving. That is exactly what I have been doing. 
I went out last Sunday to specifically target flatheads. Considering there was a full moon, it certainly wasn't the best time to go, however, the mood struck me so I had at it. I caught a few live bluegill before dark and was able to net some nice size shad as well. I spent the evening anchoring along a ledge and in a creek mouth. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hook the monster I was after but I didn't get skunked. I managed one small flatty which is pictured above. 
I did catch a decent size flathead this week although it was by accident while fishing for blues. This fella hit a white bass head while I was trolling with suspended baits along a ledge in 38 feet of water. He wasn't alone either. I caught several more blues that day. The bite was on from the time I hit the water until the time I left. Below are couple of the bigger blues that were caught. 
I decided to mix things up and hit the Clinch River this morning. It started out slow but I ended up catching several blues while trolling with suspended chunks of white bass. The fish pictured below was the biggest of the morning. He nailed a small white bass that was cut in half. 
While I certainly haven't caught the size of fish this year that I am accustomed too, I have still had a lot of fun this summer. Every day on the water doing what I love to do is a good day to me. Hopefully I have a lot more days left in me. Until next time, keep your hooks baited and lines tight. 
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