Kayak Summer Series Fishing League

This summer I will be competing in a multi-species fishing league with four other YouTube fishermen. How the competition will work is that once per month from May through September, each of us will have a 24 hour period of time to try to catch as many different species of fish as possible. Each different species we catch equals 1 point. At the end of September, we will add up the monthly totals and a champion will be crowned.

This started out as a friendly competition amongst friends but has quickly escalated to all out war. The trash talk has been rampant.

Steve from Adventure Outdoors and I have both already declared ourselves victorious. Steve thinks he has it in the bag because of his easy access to the ocean. He is in for a rude awakening.

Denny from Tactical Kayak Angler has compared himself to a four foot tall, female, Olympic gold medalist from Iowa which is apparently some kind of Jedi mind trick because I can't figure out if he is complimenting or insulting himself.

Korey from KoreCoa has already admitted to himself and publicly that he can't win so he has decided to dress up and pretend to be me in an effort to experience greatness.

Frank from BratsNMustard is too focused on beating us to get brought down to our level. He is planning on shutting us all up.

I hope that you will follow along and watch us battle it out this summer. We are going to have a lot of fun and much of it will come at the expense of each other. It should be entertaining to watch.

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