Yak Tribe Day 3 Report: Saved from the Skunk

The fish you see above was as good as it got for me on Day 3 of the Yak Tribe tournament. I decided to fish a different section of the river. I moved a few miles upstream closer to Fort Loudon dam and fished a shallower area. My plan for the day was to start out fishing where a major creek entered the main river channel and then move down stream and spend the rest of the afternoon fishing a river bend below it. The wind made for a rough day. It was blowing pretty hard upstream which caused me to get rocked around by the waves all day. Fortunately, there was enough current that I was able to utilize my drift sock off the front of the kayak to keep it from swaying back and forth in the wind. That was my only good fortune for the day.

After anchoring at the mouth of that creek for an hour, losing a dink blue cat at the side of the kayak was all the action that I had gotten. I moved on downstream and anchored at the top of the bend. I had my kayak right along the main breakline on the outside bend. Every 30 minutes I pulled anchor and slid down a couple hundred yards. I repeated this for several hours until I had fished my way around the bend. I had dinks pecking at my baits periodically throughout the afternoon but no solid bites or hookups. Normally I would have cut my losses and went home early on a day like this but I had committed to filming every day I fished for this tournament and I really didn't want to have a day where I got skunked.

On the way back to the car, I decided to hit that creek mouth where I started one more time. That is where a miracle took place. It at least felt like a miracle at that point. After several long hours of nothing, I finally hooked up with a fish again. It may have been a dink but it got the skunk out and finished off my 8 fish limit for the tournament.

The downside of filming everyday for this tournament is having days like this. It not only makes for a terrible day of fishing but it makes a lousy video too. Hopefully the fish will be more cooperative for the rest of the tournament. I still have a lot of work left to do to improve my score. Here is the video recap of what will hopefully be my only bad day of fishing in this event.

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