Here A Fish, There a Fish

I got in a few fishing trips this past week. On Monday, I hit the water with my friend Daniel from Catfish Sumo. The day started out rough for me. My practically new Hobie Evolve motor broke down. Since I didn't have my mirage drive with me, I went old school and used a paddle for the first time in ages. Daniel and I made a long run upstream from where we launched and drifted the main channel ledge back to the car. We both caught several fish but neither of us were able to hook into a big one.
On Wednesday, I hit Melton Hill do some ultralight fishing. This was a short trip for me as I only had two hours that I could fish. Because of the limited time I had to fish, I didn't stray far from the launch. Nevertheless, I caught several fish including some nice smallmouth bass. That is the great thing about ultralight fishing. You can do it almost anywhere and still catch some fish.
The remains of a skipjack head after being shredded by a small blue cat.
With my motor out of commission and my body not being able to tolerate pedaling for long distances, I decided to do some anchor fishing on Thursday. This was another short trip for me. I anchored on two spots along a ledge using frozen cut skipjack for bait. The bites were numerous but the hookups were limited. As you can see from the pic above, the dink blue cats enjoyed the buffet I provided them. I did end up catching a nice size striper which is pictured below though.
I hit the water to do some more anchor fishing on Friday night. My initial plan was to hit three to four different locations. After I got anchored down on the first spot, I quickly decided that wasn't going to happen. I was tired and didn't really feel like pulling anchor repeatedly so I made the decision to ride it out in that one location for the duration of my trip. The bite was slow and sporadic but I did end up catching several blues with the biggest being pictured below.
Overall, it was another tough week of fishing here. It has been an unusual year for me. Normally this time of year is when I do my best but for whatever reason, this year has been different. I will keep putting my time in though. Eventually I will get my bait back in front of another monster. Until then, I will just enjoy whatever size fish that I can find.

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