Quality Over Quantity

My fishing trips over the last couple weeks have resulted in limited action but better quality fish. The bite has still been tough for me to pattern. Fish just haven't been where I would normally find them this time of year. While I seem to get smacked in the face with this realization every time I go somewhere that I expect to find them, my stubbornness has prevented me from just completely abandoning what has worked in the past. On the days where I have went out with a game plan to systematically eliminate water, my results have been much better though.
The fish pictured at the top of this post is a prime example of this. Normally this time of year, I tend to find my biggest fish on deeper, main channel ledges in depths of 40 to 70 feet. Lately, however, my best fish have come in creeks in the 20 to 25 feet depths. Ultimately, fish are supposed to be wherever they are on a particular day and it is up to the fisherman to find them. Thankfully, I have been able to locate a a few on my recent trips and have had a lot of fun in the process.
The one positive thing I can say about not being able to locate fish in places where I have historically found them is that it has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and fish some areas that I wouldn't have normally hit this time of year. Like I always say, the key to success is to just keep your baits on good structure and keep moving. If you do that long enough, you will eventually find them. Until next time, tight lines. 

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