Yak Tribe Tournament Recap

The spring Yak Tribe tournament ended on Friday and the final results are posted. I ended up finishing in third place. I was in contention to win the entire month but I just couldn't find that monster fish to seal the deal. There were 83 people in this tournament so I am very happy with getting a third place finish though.

While the emphasis is on big fish for most tournaments, it was my small fish that helped me the most in this one. This was a slot limit tournament where 6 out of your 8 fish had to be 24" or under. I was able to score 143.25" out of the possible 144". That helped me overcome the fact that the guys who finished in 4th and 5th place had bigger over slot fish than I did.

Speaking of over slot fish, I made one of the dumbest mistakes you can possibly make in a kayak fishing tournament. I actually made the mistake in the last three Yak Tribe tournaments. I shorted myself 1" on every fish I have turned in that was over 30". The rules state if your fish exceeds the length of your measuring board, you are allowed to use a tape measure off the end of it to score your fish. I used a hawg trough board which measures to 30". The problem is that the hawg trough board itself is actually 31" long. It never dawned on me that I was shorting myself an inch on every big fish until I saw someone else's board. Thankfully, those two inches didn't cost me in this tournament.

Overall, I had a fun time fishing in this tournament. I won some great prizes for finishing in third place which are shown above. Thank you to everyone who followed along and rooted for me. You guys made this a lot of fun for me. I truly appreciate it. Congrats to all the winners!
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