Home Stretch

The tournament that won't end is finally winding down. Friday is the final day. It is still anybody's tournament to win at this point. First place to fourth place is separated by less than 10 inches. There could still be a lot of movement in the top spots in the final days.

I have managed to improve my score by a few inches since my last update but am still currently in third place. I replaced one of my slot fish with a 23.5" blue cat. That gives me a total of 142.75" out of the possible 144" that I am allowed to submit. The over slot portion of this tournament is where I have continued to struggle. Big fish have been hard for me to find lately. I did upgrade my two over slot fish this past week though.
Last Wednesday, I went back to a secondary channel where I had previously found some striped bass. I only got one bite there on that day but it was a 35.75" fish which was big enough to cull one of my over slot fish. 
This morning, I went out for a few hours before the storms. I drifted along some deeper ledges on Watts Bar. It was a slow day of fishing. I only caught five fish but one of them was a 36.75" blue catfish that replaced my other over slot fish. 

While those two fish weren't big enough to put me in the lead, they did help put a little distance between me and the person behind me in fourth place. Hopefully, I can replace both of them again in the next couple days. Weather is looking hit or miss all week but you can bet I will be out there every chance I get. If I go down, I plan on going down swinging. 
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