YouTube Fishing League Champion is Crowned

After a long hard battle this summer, the YouTube fishing league has finally reached it's conclusion. It went down to the wire but in the end, Denny from Tactical Kayak Angler came out on top. Here are the final standings:

1. Tactical Kayak Angler 22 points
2. Kayak Catfish 20 points
3. Adventure Outdoors 19 points
4. KoreCoa 13 points
5. BratsNMustard 5 points

Denny didn't have a great month of fishing but his intro made up for it. This is quite possibly the best video of the entire series. His voodoo doll of me also explains that curve in my..... Nevermind. 

Things didn't go as planned for me this month. I had hopes of a double digit month but only ended up with half that. Those gar will haunt my dreams. Thankfully, my dog Rosco made a cameo appearance and stole the show.

Steve got things started well before his challenge day. He hired someone who may be the worst B grade actor of all time to play me in a spoof video. That video was absolutely hysterical! It was almost as funny as his performance this month. He once again failed to make use of his ocean advantage and fell down to third place in the final standings. 

Korey thought he would be cute and do his challenge day while he was on vacation in Florida so he could try to win this thing in the final month. Mother nature said screw those plans. In the end, he lived up to the reputation of Ohio and finished near the bottom of the standings just like the beloved Cleveland Browns.

You can't really say Frank quit the league since he never even bothered to show up. Nevertheless, he once again failed to post a video. 

All in all, this was a fun experience. Congrats to Denny for winning the gold. I hope you all enjoyed the videos. Please be sure to check out my competitors channels and give them a sub. 

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