Summer Yak Tribe Tournament Week 3 Update

With the first two weeks of this tournament in the books, time is winding down to make a big move up the leaderboard. Thankfully I was able to catch some good fish last week and put myself in contention. I had some other business that had to be taken care of to start this week though. As most of you who follow me know, I have been competing in a fishing league this summer with some other YouTube fishing channels. This is the final month of that competition so I had to shift my focus from big catfish to multi-species fishing in order to try to win the YouTube fishing league world championship belt. For the league, I have one 24 hour period each month to catch as many different species as possible. Each species counts as 1 point. Here is my entry for the month of August:

I did manage to get a few hours of catfishing in during my fishing league day though. This porker hit a live bluegill as I was suspend drifting along a drop-off. Unfortunately, he wasn't big enough to replace any of my other big fish for the Yak Tribe tournament but he still took me on a fun ride in the kayak. 

The weather cost me some fishing time this week as Tennessee got hit with what was left of Hurricane Harvey. We didn't experience any major damage in my area but the high winds did knock me out of fishing for a couple days. I did manage to get out for a few hours Sunday night. I don't normally fish on holiday weekends, but I knew if I waited until dark, most of the pleasure boat traffic would be gone. This ended up being a short trip. I got my baits in the water right before dark to do some drifting along a main channel ledge. The fish were active until about 10pm when TVA cut the current back. Once the current slowed, the bite shut down. I ended up trolling my way back to the launch without another bite. Thankfully, I was still able to catch a few fish while I had current including the fish pictured above.

Since I got home earlier than expected on Sunday night, I decided to make a bait run early Monday morning. I got up before dawn to beat the holiday boat traffic. The skips weren't thick where I was at, but I was able to fill a cooler and get some fresh bait. Hopefully I can put them to good use as I go into the final week of this tournament. 

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