YouTube Summer Series Fishing League Updated Standings

Another month of the YouTube fishing league is in the books. Here are the updated standings:

1. Tactical Kayak Angler 18 points
2. Adventure Outdoors 16 points
3. Kayak Catfish 15 points
4. KoreCoa 13 points
5. BratsNMustard 5 points

Thus far, Denny has lead this competition the entire way. I don't know if there are enough fish in those Iowa farm ponds to get him the win though.

Even with billions of fish in the sea, Steve still finds himself in second place. We are still waiting on him to make use of that ocean advantage.

I managed to climb my way up from the bottom and get myself back in contention with a solid performance this month. Look for me to win this thing in the end. 

Korey once again made Ohio proud by living up to their usual mediocre standards with a 3 point performance this month. He better send Frank a thank you card for taking a month off. That may be the only reason he doesn't finish dead last.

Frank once again put in minimum effort and got minimum results. He allegedly got 3 points but who knows when or if he will get around to posting the video.

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