Fishing with Deuces Wild Fishing Charters

Last Saturday, I spent the day fishing with Captain Mark Nawrocki and his son Ace. They operate Deuces Wild Fishing Charters and guide for trophy catfish and striped bass here in East Tennessee. I met them at the marina at 6:30am and a few minutes later we were off to catch some fish.

Mark and Ace had already loaded up with skipjack and shad prior to me arriving so we were able to immediately start fishing once we got to the first spot. The plan for the day was to troll and cover as much water as possible. They put out a spread of baits off the back of the boat using dragging rigs and slip bobber rigs as well as utilizing planer boards off each side of the boat to maximize the amount of water we could fish with each trolling pass. It didn't take long for the action to begin. Within the first few minutes, we hooked into a nice striped bass. 

The action didn't end there though. Throughout the day, we targeted a variety of structures and hit multiple depths catching fish at every location we fished. It wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. A front had passed through the day before leaving us with high barometric pressure and blue bird skies. To make things even more difficult, TVA didn't give us any current to work with during our time on the water. Mark and Ace stayed persistent though and by the end of the day, we had caught 10 blue cats in addition to the striped bass that we had started our morning with. 

It was a fun day on the water. Mark and Ace went above and beyond to make sure we caught fish and had good time. In addition to making things incredibly easy on me by supplying the bait, casting the lines, and landing the fish for me, they also went out of their way to explain everything that they were doing and why they were doing it. There are a lot of guides who can put you on some fish but very few that are willing to take the time to teach you how they do it. 

My girlfriend who had joined me on this trip to help me film also enjoyed the day. She doesn't fish but she had a great time on their boat and really appreciated the fact that they had a bathroom below the deck. As guys, it is no issue for us to go off the side of the boat or on the shore, but most women aren't comfortable going to the bathroom in the bushes. If you are wanting to plan a fishing trip with a female in your family, this is the guide service for you. 

I can't thank Mark and Ace enough for inviting me out to go fishing with them. I had a great time and learned a lot. If you are wanting to do some fishing in the East Tennessee area, give Deuces Wild Fishing Charters a call.

Captain Mark Nawrocki (865) 332-6394

You can also find them on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram @deuceswildfishingcharters.

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