Knocker Rig: One Year Update

The title of this post may be a little misleading as I have actually been using the knocker rig for a little over a year now. Nevertheless, I thought I would write a post and just share my current thoughts on it now that I feel like I have had enough time to fully evaluate it. If you are new to my site or are unfamiliar with the knocker rig, click here to see a video I created about the rig and hear why I chose to make the switch to it from the traditional carolina rig.


1. Suspend Fishing: While the knocker rig is mostly thought of as a bottom fishing rig in the saltwater world, it's application as a suspend fishing rig for catfish was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it. As I have mentioned in previous posts and videos, the wind can be a real nuisance when fishing from a kayak. Because kayaks are so lightweight, they tend to get blown around very easily in windy conditions. When this happens, it can create a pendulum effect while suspend fishing which causes your bait to rise up in the water column. The knocker rig has been the perfect solution to this problem. Having your sinker directly above the hook helps offset this pendulum effect and keep your bait at the desired depth.

2. Snags: A snag isn't something that typically comes to mind when suspend fishing due to the fact that your baits are elevated up above obstacles, however, they do occur from time to time. This is another area where the knocker rig has excelled. The knocker rig's sinker can be used to help dislodge a snagged bait by being able to hit directly on the hook. This has allowed me to retrieve numerous rigs over the course of the last year which I would probably not have gotten back had I been using a carolina rig.

3. Hookups: The biggest concern I had when I made the switch to the knocker rig was that the sinker would interfere with hookups since it sits directly above the hook. I have not noticed any difference in hookups since making the switch from the carolina rig. There have been a couple changes to my tackle, however. Earlier this year, I switched to a different brand of hooks. I am now using Team Catfish 8/0 Double Action Circle Hooks in place of the Gamakatsu hooks that I was using before. I have also since added a couple beads to my rig which sit between my sinker and hook. The beads do not cause any interference with the rig working as I intended and they provide a little extra space between the hook and sinker.


Anchor Fishing: The one and only negative I encountered in the last year with the knocker rig was when I used it for anchor fishing. The cause of the issue is more than likely my fault versus a problem with the rig itself. When I am suspend fishing, I prefer to use a heavier weight to keep my baits down. I typically use 8 ounces. When anchor fishing, 8 ounces is overkill for the amount of current here where I fish. When I tried using the knocker rig for anchor fishing, it was with the same rigs that I was suspending with and I would often sling the baits off the hook during the cast. This may or may not have been an issue had I used a more appropriate size of sinker, however, I decided that since I would have to switch rigs when going from suspend fishing to anchor fishing anyways, that I would just stick with the carolina rig for anchor fishing since I have had no issues with it for that application in the past.

All in all, I am very pleased with the knocker rig. It has become my go to rig for suspend fishing in the kayak. Be sure to check out my youtube channel, Kayak Catfish, to see it in action. 
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