On the Board

The first week of the Spring 2018 Yak Tribe tournament is in the books. At the time of writing this post, the current standings have me in second place with 185". There is still a lot of time left in this tournament though and I am going to need to improve on my score to stay up near the top of the leaderboard.
My big fish of the week came on day one. It measured at 34.75". I also caught a 33.5" fish which I submitted for my other over slot fish. While those are both nice fish, for this tournament, I don't know that they are going to help me much if I haven't culled them by the end. Better to submit them and not need them than to not have submitted them and need them though.
Day two was my best day of fishing as far as the tournament is concerned. I caught a ton of fish and managed to catch four between 23.25" and 23.75". With this being a slot tournament, it is very important to have all 6 of my slot fish as close to the 24" mark as possible. Getting four of them in one day was a welcome surprise. Hopefully I will luck into two more that are close to 24" over the next three weeks without having to spend a day specifically targeting small fish.

The other two days I fished last week were productive days for fishing but not so much for the tournament. I caught several fish on both days but wasn't able to add any more to my score. The heartbreaker was losing the best fish I have hooked all year. I never got a look at it but it was heavy and would have definitely replaced one of my over slot fish.

Overall, the fishing was really good here last week. It has improved greatly as the water temps have continued to climb. Hopefully it will continue to improve right up until the spawn. I am going to head back out after them again in the morning. Wish me luck as I continue on in this tournament.

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