Raymarine Customer Service

Quality and customer service are two things that seem to be lacking in this world today. Don't even get me started talking about Nucanoe. Every once in awhile a company will exceed expectations though. My recent dealings with Raymarine is a prime example of this.

If you follow this blog, you know I purchased a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 unit a couple months ago. Shortly after installing the unit, I began to have problems with it. The sonar worked fine but the gps took forever to acquire a signal and was constantly losing my position. I reached out to Raymarine to file a warranty claim. This process was a little bit of a hassle since I did not have proof of purchase for it. This particular unit was donated by Raymarine as a raffle prize for a local fishing tournament. Thankfully, the tournament director was able to put me in touch with his contact at Raymarine. Within a few minutes, she emailed me the form I needed to send in with my graph.

I mailed the unit out on April 5th. The gps was quickly inspected and found to be faulty. Raymarine then replaced my graph with a brand new unit which I received back on April 19th. That is a pretty impressive turnaround time if you ask me. 

It is always frustrating when products fail or don't function as you expected them to. When it happens, I want to be able to count on the company to make it right. Raymarine did just that. I am looking forward to getting back out on the water and putting this graph to use again. 
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