YouTube Summer Series Fishing League Updated Standings for June

The second month of the YouTube Summer Series has concluded. There were some changes to the leaderboard this month. Here are the updated standings:

1. Tactical Kayak Angler 12 points
2. Adventure Outdoors 10 points
2. KoreCoa 10 points
4. Kayak Catfish 9 points
5. BratsNMustard 5 points

Denny could have probably caught more fish from the house than he caught on the water this month. That Iowa jinx is catching up to him. His 4 points was enough to keep him in the lead for now though.

Steve once again relied on Mark Patterson aka C Breeze to guide him. He fared slightly better this month catching a total of 6 species between fresh and saltwater. That was enough to bump him up to a tie for second in the standings.

The Ohio underdog, Korey, made the biggest jump this month. He lucked into catching 7 different species and went from dead last up to a tie with Steve for second place. His run will be short lived though. We all know how Ohio teams choke in the finals. 

I continued to spot these guys a lead. It is all part of my master plan to crush them at the end. I scored 4 different species to keep me in fourth place in the standings.

Frank didn't bother to show up this month so he scored the big goose egg which drops him to dead last in the standings. 

There is still a lot of time left in this season. It is anybody's game at this point. 

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