YouTube Summer Series Fishing League Updated Standings

The first month of the YouTube Summer Series is in the books. Some of us fared better than others. Here are the updated standings:

1. Tactical Kayak Angler 8 points
2. Kayak Catfish 5 points
2. BratsNMustard 5 points
4. Adventure Outdoors 4 points
5. KoreCoa 3 points

In every group, there is always that one person who has to be a show off and try to steal all of the spotlight. For our group, Denny with Tactical Kayak Angler is that guy. He has jumped out to a big lead right out of the gate scoring 8 points in May.

Just to give these guys a sporting chance, I only fished 9 out of my allotted 24 hours. I am planning on dangling them along and giving them hope before I crush them at the end. I am in the perfect position to do just that with 5 points.

Frank from BratsNMustard had some camera issues early in the month and had said he wasn't going to be able to enter a video. Unfortunately, he fixed the problem and then stuck it to us on the final day of the month by going out and scoring 5 points in about three hours of fishing in horrible weather.

Steve from Adventure Outdoors talked a big game coming into this competition. He failed to deliver this month. Apparently even the ocean doesn't have enough fish to give him a chance of winning.

Korey from KoreCoa disgraced himself, his family, and the entire state of Ohio by bringing up the rear this month. The only thing that saved his video was name dropping Justin Johnston at the end. 

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