November Recap

The month of November started with me fishing in South Carolina on Santee Cooper for the TCKA national championship tournament. It was a two day tournament and conditions were rough both days. I ended up getting the win though which netted me a little over $1k in prize money and also a brand new Nucanoe Frontier 12 kayak.
The Winning Fish from the 2019 TCKA National Championship
While competing in the tournament, I was forced to fish off the bank due to high winds. This marked the first time I had ever done any catfishing from the bank. It certainly wouldn't be the last though. Once I got back home, I mapped out several places here locally that I could use my kayak to access the shoreline and still be able to target key features on the river. My first stop was Melton Hill reservoir.
Melton Hill Blue Cat
Melton Hill isn't known for big catfish but with fall in full swing, I thought there may be an opportunity to catch some fish in the backwater areas. On my first trip, I set up on the shoreline of a creek channel and cast my baits into an area that was around 15-18 feet deep. It didn't take long to get some action. I caught several nice fish on that trip and had a blast doing it.

I did several more bank fishing trips throughout the month trying out different spots on Melton Hill, Fort Loudoun, and Tellico. In addition to being a lot of fun, bank fishing offered me the opportunity to stay warm by being able to build a fire on the shore. It will definitely be a tactic I continue to use especially in the colder months.
Okuma Longitude Rod Paired With A Diawa Seagate Reel
With new techniques comes the need for new gear. At least that is the excuse I used to justify buying a couple new rod and reel combos specifically for bank fishing. I went with the Okuma Longitude 9ft. surf rods and Diawa Seagate SGT35 reels. The rods allow me to cast baits longer distances and the reels, with 48" of line recovery per handle turn, allow me to be able to retrieve my line much quicker to catch up with fish that bolt back toward me during the fight. While my experience with these combos is limited, thus far I am really liking them.

Overall, November was a great month. From winning the TCKA National Championship tournament and the Angler of the Year award to catching several quality fish here at home, I had a lot of fun and made some extra cash to boot. Any day you get paid to go fishing is a good day. With colder temperatures finally setting in here in East Tennessee, I expect December to be a great month too. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all the action.

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