Kayak Catfishing with River Certified and Tactical Kayak Angler

One of the big perks of having a YouTube channel has been meeting other kayak catfishermen who are just as passionate about the sport as I am. There are a surprising number of us out there and new people are entering the sport every day. Over the last year or so, I have been fortunate to become friends with Denny from the Tactical Kayak Angler channel and Spencer from River Certified. They are from Iowa and target flatheads on smaller, fast flowing rivers. In addition to being excellent fisherman, each of them also create some awesome videos of their adventures. They both recently joined me here in east Tennessee for a weekend of kayak catfishing on Watts Bar.

The timing of the trip was perfect for catfishing. The post spawn bite has been on fire lately and I was pretty confident we would get a shot at some big fish. The issue during our trip was from the boaters. They came down to fish Friday through Sunday which is prime time for all the boaters in the area. We were pounded with boat wake relentlessly and also had to deal with some wind that made fishing more difficult than it should have been. You always know you are in for a hard day when the wind is blowing you upstream against the current. We toughed it out though and were rewarded with some big fish all three days.

Friday was by far my best day of the weekend. I landed three TARP (Tennessee Angler Recognition Program) blues and also caught two really nice stripers as well. I also lost two fish that I am sure were every bit as big, if not bigger, than the ones I landed.


The bite slowed for me on Saturday but I was still able to catch another TARP blue and a big striped bass. Spencer from River Certified also caught some big blues.

Sunday was the worst day of the weekend for me. I took a gamble and moved further downstream from where we had been catching fish to target another ledge. Unfortunately, the gamble didn't pay off. I only caught a few small blues in that area. While I was down there fishing, Spencer caught some more big blues and a striped bass. Later in the afternoon, we moved back upstream closer to the launch to hit a couple more areas. I finally hooked into another TARP blue while trolling.

Unfortunately, Denny wasn't able to share in my and Spencer's fun. He was cursed from the time he left Iowa. First, his turn signals went out on his vehicle on the drive down here. Then he had a battery malfunction which cost him the use of his fish finder and front camera for the entire weekend. He also had a problem with his go pro that he uses for his rear camera. Finally, to top off the weekend, he broke a rod on the last day of the trip. Things definitely didn't go as planned for him.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. I wish the conditions had been better and I really hate that Denny wasn't able to get on a monster fish but I enjoyed meeting them both in person and spending some time fishing with them. We shared a lot of laughs, mostly at Denny's expense, and made some good memories. My videos from the trip will be uploaded soon. Be sure to check out the Tactical Kayak Angler and River Certified Youtube channels to see their videos from this trip.

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