Fort Loudon: My Arch Nemesis

Some bodies of water are more difficult to figure out than others. Fort Loudon is one of those places for me. Through the years, I have had some really great days of fishing there but I have also gotten skunked more times than I count too. Part of the challenge has nothing to do with the fish. Pleasure boat traffic can be a real nightmare. This is especially true on the lower end of the reservoir which is more heavily populated. Targeting deep structures that are in the boating lanes is near impossible on weekday afternoons or anytime on the weekends during the warmer weather months. Because of this, I have historically spent more time fishing Watts Bar in the summer and left Fort Loudon for the winter months.

Another factor that makes fishing Fort Loudon difficult for me is the lack of current compared to the upper end of Watts Bar where I usually fish. Anchor fishing is pretty much out for me in the kayak. Most days, there just isn't enough current to hold my position with one anchor and using two anchors in a kayak with the amount of pleasure boat wake on this body of water would be extremely dangerous. Due to the low current flow, I am also inclined to believe fish suspend more often and possibly higher in the water column as well which adds to the challenge.

While I often find fishing on Fort Loudon to be frustrating, I know it is loaded with monster fish. One of my fishing goals for 2017 is to spend more time fishing this reservoir and figure out where these fish are at and how to best target them. My plan is to start spending more time focusing on Fort Loudon during the weekday morning hours. The pleasure boat traffic is a lot less intense at this time and will allow me to more easily fish the areas I want to cover. I will be doing a lot of trolling in my effort to cover as much water as possible. I plan on dragging some baits to fish the bottom as well as suspending baits for fish that may be higher up in the water column. The fish are there. I just have to find them.

Here are a couple videos from some recent trips on Fort Loudon.

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